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Vous souhaitez apprendre le néerlandais à l'étranger ? Trouvez votre destination idéale aux Pays-Bas !

Séjour linguistique aux Pays-Bas

Moulins à vent, tulipes et vélos – les Pays-Bas ont plus que ces stéréotypes à offrir ! Partez en séjour linguistique aux Pays-Bas et découvrez le pays tout en faisant des progrès linguistiques rapides grâce à une immersion complète. Un cours de néerlandais aux Pays-Bas offre le meilleur des deux mondes : à la campagne, vous trouverez de charmantes petites villes et des jolis paysages (plats), tandis que dans les villes vertes et branchées comme Amsterdam et Rotterdam, vous ne manquerez jamais de nouveaux endroits à explorer.

Destinations néerlandais – Pays-Bas

Frequently asked questions about Dutch courses in The Netherlands

Why learn Dutch in The Netherlands?

Aside from making fantastic memories, and exploring this beautiful country, on a Dutch course in the Netherlands you’ll:

  • experience full immersion, speaking and hearing Dutch 24/7
  • learn exactly what it’s like to live and study abroad, in an international environment
  • boost your CV and improve your language profile
  • develop your soft skills, negotiating and navigating in an entirely different language, and getting to grips with a new culture

What will I do on my Dutch course in The Netherlands?

At ESL, we carefully select our partner schools and work closely with them to ensure our students are faced with both choice and quality when they decide to study abroad. Whatever your level and preferred length of study, we’ll be able to help you find the ideal course to suit you and your needs, where you’ll learn in a dynamic, stimulating environment that will allow you to experience full immersion, and push you to achieve your language goals.

Why choose ESL for a Dutch course in The Netherlands?

At ESL, we want to offer you the chance to explore new parts of the world while helping you reach your full language potential. We are proud to offer students new opportunities and encourage you to experience the same passion that we feel when learning a new language. This means that we take great care in selecting our partner schools, and we maintain a close relationship with them to ensure you receive the highest quality courses available. Learning Dutch in The Netherlands will offer you the chance to learn from the experts, and gain all the tools you need in order to progress your language skills.

Comment choisir ma destination ?

Laissez-vous guider par nos experts. Nos conseils sont gratuits et sans engagement !