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Soggiorni linguistici STATI UNITI

Vuoi imparare l'inglese all'estero? Trova la città più adatta a te negli USA!

Language studies in the USA : Gap Year

Le opzioni per un anno sabbatico negli USA sono tanto varie quanto lo sono i paesaggi e il popolo americano. Gli Stati Uniti sono un autentico crogiolo di culture e metropoli. Dalle città storiche della East Coast, con i loro grattacieli scintillanti e una nutrita popolazione studentesca, come New York e Boston, passando per la soleggiata e sensuale Miami, fino alle rilassate atmosfere californiane di San Diego e San Francisco, potrai vivere il tuo gap year in America proprio come lo desideri.

Scegliendo un gap year negli Stati Uniti, il mondo sarà alla tua portata! Sia che desideri effettuare un tirocinio a San Francisco o a New York, sfondare a Hollywood con un corso di cinematografia a Los Angeles o semplicemente seguire un corso d’inglese e incontrare altri studenti da tutto il mondo, lo stile di vita americano ti accoglierà a braccia aperte. Cosa stai aspettando?

Scopri le nostre destinazioni Gap Year in USA

Altre destinazioni disponibili per il programma Gap Year

Sceglie la destinazione più adatta a te. Dalle fantastiche spiagge australiane alle splendide montagne canadesi: abbiamo tantissime opzioni per te!

Gap years in the USA

You’ve seen it on the big screens, listened to its dialect on the radio, and read about it in magazines – now it’s time to experience the iconic sights of the USA for yourself!

From coast to coast – the USA hosts some of the most gorgeous landscapes you could hope to see, alongside several famous cities and plenty of charming towns. The USA is so vast and full of life that it would be a shame to miss any of it, and by taking a gap year, you won't have to!

Cost of living for your gap year in the USA

The USA is a huge country with a lot of variety from state to state, so much so that the cost of living can be very unpredictable, and entirely dependent on where you have chosen to stay. For example, if you live in Nashville, your monthly expenses can be around 1000 euros (not including rent) whereas, in New York City, this number would be closer to 1400 euros. The cost of living in any country can also vary greatly depending on your lifestyle – for more specific advice, make sure to contact our team, free of charge, to give you a more specific picture!

What makes the USA special for a gap year

The USA is characterised by a distinct mix of cultures, which makes each state its own unique tapestry of food, architecture and people. The country is so vast and so different, that driving from one coast to another can seem like crossing an entire continent. It’s this huge potential for adventure that makes the USA perfect for a language gap year – you can spend your entire gap year in the USA exploring the country, and you’ll still have more to see!

Taking a gap year in the USA means taking weekend road trips to world-famous sights and cities while sampling unique food and practising your English on a daily basis.

Cultural life in the USA

The USA was born on the idea that people of all cultures and nationalities can find their place in the country and contribute to its culture and lifestyle, as such it has earned “The Melting Pot”. As such, you can expect a warm welcome and many new friends as your culture joins the proverbial “pot”. The USA has developed a fun and thriving culture, so you have plenty of unique holidays, traditions, sports and meals to sample during your time in the USA.

The weather in the USA

The weather in the USA can be whatever you want it to be! The country is so vast that you can enjoy a whole range of climates by simply moving between states. For example, if you are looking for a tropical beach paradise, you can spend your time in Hawaii – in the city of Honolulu, and for shorter summers and colder winters, you can travel further north to Seattle, Washington.